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Friday, 29 April 2016

Ultralight Survival Kit

Ultralight Survival Kit is the first book of backpacking tips that is itself ultralight! It focuses on all of the skills and techniques that hikers and backpackers would want at their fingertips while in the outdoors. Perfect for backpackers from beginner to advanced, this book contains:

Worst-case-scenario advice you'd want handy if stuck in a precarious situation.
Tips for the most common trail concerns, from lightning to blisters.
Suggestions for keeping your pack light or ultralight without sacrificing the must-haves
Topics like: how to identify/treat reactions to poisonous plants, how to handle animal encounters, how to identify animal tracks, how to build a fire, need-to-know essential knots, how to predict weather patterns, how to repair or replace gear with limited materials, and how to deal with the elements when you don't have a lot of gear on your back.

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